Monday, October 10, 2016

Quizno's Third Alarm

WardenAshtonbee3rdalarm-Louis Tam018

On Thanksgiving day, we were called to assist Toronto firefighters at a third alarm fire that broke out at a Quizno's at Warden Avenue and Ashtonbee Road in Scarborough. The neighbouring Lick's restaurant was OK though.

WardenAshtonbee3rdalarm-Louis Tam019


WardenAshtonbee3rdalarm-Louis Tam010

WardenAshtonbee3rdalarm-Louis Tam009

WardenAshtonbee3rdalarm-Louis Tam020

WardenAshtonbee3rdalarm-Louis Tam023

WardenAshtonbee3rdalarm-Louis Tam024

WardenAshtonbee3rdalarm-Louis Tam001

WardenAshtonbee3rdalarm-Louis Tam002

WardenAshtonbee3rdalarm-Louis Tam022

WardenAshtonbee3rdalarm-Louis Tam016

WardenAshtonbee3rdalarm-Louis Tam014

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