Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fatal accident and housing issues

It was a tragic start to the week on Monday when a two-vehicle head-on collision killed one woman and left three injured. Rescue crews spent about an hour extricating four patients from the wreck, and sent one to hospital immediately through air ambulance.

Last Friday, I caught up with Nicole Bowser, a single mother of three who lives in a trailer home in Gravenhurst. She's one of those people you meet every so often with an inspiring story but who is facing a difficult challenge in life. When she lost her job working with troubled youth, she put herself through college to retrain and healthcare, and now juggles her kids with a 50-hour work week and two jobs - one as a PSW and another as a vocational support worker.
With mould and rot slowly eating away at her home, she applied to a provincial renovation grant to get repairs underway. Problem is, she was denied the funds as her home sits on leased land. Always heartbreaking when I'm sent to cover stories like hers.

She understands help might not come anytime soon, but she's hoping mobile home owners who aren't landowners won't be forgotten.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A September visit to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

It seems like forever since Viv and I went on vacation in September and visited the warplane museum in Hamilton. Between work and our business, we hadn't had the time to get to some of the photos till now. We had always wanted to visit the warplane museum in Toronto, but were very disappointed when we learned it had closed down.
You can imagine our delight when we found out there was another warplane museum within a short drive of home.

Viv was particularly happy to learn they host weddings there. It would certainly make for a memorable big day.

Amazing dedication from the volunteers who keep the place running, and the planes flying, after nearly 70 years!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Man found dead after vehicle accident, rescue demonstrations in Gravenhurst

A call came in early last week about a vehicle accident at the southwest corner of Bracebridge. When rescuers arrived, they found this car in a field with an elderly driver slumped over. Investigators believe the car struck a train bridge before veering off the road into the field. The man was pronounced dead by the coroner who attended the scene, though police said nothing appeared suspicious. Just another one of those times in this job where you're reminded of how precious and fragile life can be.

Earlier that week, water rescue demonstrations were held at the Gravenhurst Wharf. Hats off to the volunteer "victims" who volunteered to jump into the freezing cold water for the cameras.