Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bracebridge Fall Fair firefighter challenge

The Bracebridge Fire Department held its annual firefighter challenge during the town's Fall Fair on September 16. Fourteen firefighters from across the Simcoe-Muskoka area took part in the challenge. Modeled after the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge, firefighters compete in teams of two, and aim the finish the course as quickly as possible. The challenge begins with the competitors donning full bunker gear.


They then had to ascend up a 20-foot tower.

Once at the top, they hauled a roll of hose up with a piece of rope. DSC_6522
Once knocking a Keyzer force machine a distance of five feet with a hammer, they had to haul a length of fully-charged hose for 50 feet.
They then had to hit a target with the hose.
The final stretch involved hauling a 175-dummy a distance of 60 feet to the finish line - probably the most exhausting part of the challenge.
At the end of the day, Bracebridge firefighters Benji Tubam and Naresh Harriram were declared the winners. DSC_6864
Also, Viv and I had the chance to check out the Bracebridge Fire Department's museum. Lots of interesting old firefighting artifacts.
DSC_6885 DSC_6887 DSC_6889 DSC_6890 DSC_6891 DSC_6892

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