Friday, September 28, 2012

Overtime magic for Bracebridge Phantoms

After all the talk around town about a new hockey team arriving, Viv and I finally had the chance to see the Bracebridge Phantoms in action. When we arrived at the end of the first period, the Phantoms were enjoying a commanding 6-1 lead, which they quickly turned into a 7-1 lead (see picture above).
However, the Titans regrouped, and fought back hard.
It was goal after goal for the Titans in the second and third periods. By the last minute of play in the third period, the Phantoms led with a score of only 7-6.
With just 12.2 seconds left in the game, it was heartbreak for the Phantoms, as the Titans managed just managed to squeeze one past Phantoms goalie Joe Jermain.
The sudden onset of a tie game prompted some serious discussions at the Phantoms bench.
In the end, the Phantoms prevailed about one and a half minutes into the third period. All in all, a great show. Definitely looking forward to shooting their next game.

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