Friday, September 28, 2012

Overtime magic for Bracebridge Phantoms

After all the talk around town about a new hockey team arriving, Viv and I finally had the chance to see the Bracebridge Phantoms in action. When we arrived at the end of the first period, the Phantoms were enjoying a commanding 6-1 lead, which they quickly turned into a 7-1 lead (see picture above).
However, the Titans regrouped, and fought back hard.
It was goal after goal for the Titans in the second and third periods. By the last minute of play in the third period, the Phantoms led with a score of only 7-6.
With just 12.2 seconds left in the game, it was heartbreak for the Phantoms, as the Titans managed just managed to squeeze one past Phantoms goalie Joe Jermain.
The sudden onset of a tie game prompted some serious discussions at the Phantoms bench.
In the end, the Phantoms prevailed about one and a half minutes into the third period. All in all, a great show. Definitely looking forward to shooting their next game.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bracebridge Fall Fair firefighter challenge

The Bracebridge Fire Department held its annual firefighter challenge during the town's Fall Fair on September 16. Fourteen firefighters from across the Simcoe-Muskoka area took part in the challenge. Modeled after the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge, firefighters compete in teams of two, and aim the finish the course as quickly as possible. The challenge begins with the competitors donning full bunker gear.


They then had to ascend up a 20-foot tower.

Once at the top, they hauled a roll of hose up with a piece of rope. DSC_6522
Once knocking a Keyzer force machine a distance of five feet with a hammer, they had to haul a length of fully-charged hose for 50 feet.
They then had to hit a target with the hose.
The final stretch involved hauling a 175-dummy a distance of 60 feet to the finish line - probably the most exhausting part of the challenge.
At the end of the day, Bracebridge firefighters Benji Tubam and Naresh Harriram were declared the winners. DSC_6864
Also, Viv and I had the chance to check out the Bracebridge Fire Department's museum. Lots of interesting old firefighting artifacts.
DSC_6885 DSC_6887 DSC_6889 DSC_6890 DSC_6891 DSC_6892

Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012 TIFF opening

Viv and I are currently on vacation back in Toronto, and decided to drop by the Toronto International Film Festival on its opening night of Thursday September 6. The last time we went star searching together, we were both still in school. How times have changed. We parked ourselves at the red carpet at the Roy Thomson Hall. Took about three hours of waiting (pretty typical for TIFF) until we saw some celebrities. One of those we saw were John Krasinski, or Jim Halpert from the Office (above and below)
Emily Blunt also took some time out to take photos with some of her fans.
Piper Perabo also made a stop at the Roy Thomson Hall...
1 2
...and also took a few moments to sign a few autographs. 3
The biggest star of the night was Bruce Willis, who arrived last. Unfortunately he didn't seem to like the cameras and didn't give a whole lot of good photo ops. 10 9