Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New fire truck and Yardbirds concert

Bracebridge's newest fire truck arrived in town last week. It's a brand new pumper that will replace an older one at the town's Vankoughnet station. Me and Viv had the pleasure of being among the first people in town to see it roll into Bracebridge.


A few days later, I was assigned to shoot The Yardbirds in Gravenhurst. They were a 1960s-era band that performed exactly 45 years ago in Huntsville.
They were well before my time, and only one of the original members - Jim McCarty - was performing there. The other original Yardbird - Chris Dreja - was out for health reasons. z-yardbirds(7)XG-LT z-yardbirds(9)XG-LT z-yardbirds(8)XG-LT z-yardbirds(2)XG-LT.jpg

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