Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New fire truck and Yardbirds concert

Bracebridge's newest fire truck arrived in town last week. It's a brand new pumper that will replace an older one at the town's Vankoughnet station. Me and Viv had the pleasure of being among the first people in town to see it roll into Bracebridge.


A few days later, I was assigned to shoot The Yardbirds in Gravenhurst. They were a 1960s-era band that performed exactly 45 years ago in Huntsville.
They were well before my time, and only one of the original members - Jim McCarty - was performing there. The other original Yardbird - Chris Dreja - was out for health reasons. z-yardbirds(7)XG-LT z-yardbirds(9)XG-LT z-yardbirds(8)XG-LT z-yardbirds(2)XG-LT.jpg

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baseball, a fire donation and a structure fire that wasn't

It's been a pretty quiet few weeks for photos in cottage country. On a sunny Thursday afternoon, I dropped by Peake Fields, where Brad Bissell of the Barrie Baycats led a special camp for local baseball players.

Following that, there was a fire call on Hiram Street. It came in as a structure fire and dispatched crews from two stations. Turns out someone had left a pot on the stove.

A few days after that, firefighters from Wellington North dropped by the Dominion Street fire hall to pick up some old equipment that the Bracebridge Fire Department was giving away to their fellow firefighters in Sandy Lake, a remote northern Ontario community. Sandy Lake's firefighters apparently have to make do with damaged and outdated equipment, old bunker gear and even a hand-pump jaws of life.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Somehow slipped out of park

Didn't take many photos this week. However I did run out at around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening for this very grainy, dimly-lit shot of an ambulance and police after a call came in about a vehicle that landed in the Muskoka River. The occupants managed to get out before it hit the water, and by the time I got there the car had disappeared completely below the waterline. Police later said the vehicle somehow slipped out of park. Must have been a pretty bad day for the owner, but still better than having to go for a swim I guess.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Simcoe Day at Old Fort York

I had the pleasure of spending Simcoe Day with my other half at Old Fort York. We visited last year, but didn't have the chance to watch many of the firepower demonstrations that were put on. This year more than made up for that.

Re-enactors, many of them summer students, gave an ear-splitting demonstration of early 19th century firepower.

Here they prime their pans... 6
slowly load their muskets... 7
and FIRE! 11
Then came a bayonet charge...
and a mock attack through the fog of war...

All in all a great end to a great long weekend 12 17 14 13

Thursday, August 2, 2012

102 and still kicking


 Gladys "Sam" Appleton celebrates her 102nd birthday with friends at the Bracebridge Seniors Club. She was born back when people still traveled in the streets by horse and carriage. Her old age, however, didn't stop her from hitting the dance floor for line and square dancing.